No Stress Please

There is nothing more stressful than picking a major in college. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone enters college with an idea of what they want to do (think of the kid next door who’s been wanting to be a vet his whole life). But rest assured, it is totally acceptable to not know what you plan to do with the rest of your life. Don’t worry about deciding because most schools do not force you to declare a major until your junior year, giving you the time to take classes that seem interesting along with other required classes so you can get an idea of what interests you as a potential career. So say goodbye to the stress of choosing a major as soon as you start your journey.

Colleges also have academic advisers which are one of the greatest tools available at your disposal. Advisers can help you decide on what you plan to do by talking about what interests you or what you have a passion for. Not using this service can only hurt you, because advisers can help tremendously when it comes to picking classes for the semester.

swaggin out 035

 The best advice to give to college students? Enjoy your time in school and try to keep from getting overwhelmed with classes and homework. Teachers are human beings too and they are pretty understanding as long as you make the time to talk to them. That’s why they have office hours for a reason. If you choose to visit during office hours, you might just find that its a worthwhile investment.

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