Overload Warning

Starting a new semester can easily be more stressful than final exam week..so many things you need to remember to get done (before you turn into a pumpkin at midnight). Experience with these particular stresses can give you the upper hand when it comes to completing everything.

Here are some easy tips to remember the next time you feel like you just might explode and the semester hasn’t kicked into gear yet..

  • Get a planner or a calendar. It is the ABSOLUTE best way to keep track of important dates. Target and Office Depot usually have cute ones.
  • Make sure you pay your classes on time or ensure your financial aid comes through. Classes are expensive and you don’t want to get dropped just because you didn’t take the time to make sure your money went through.
  • Don’t order your books before classes start. Wait until you go to class the first day and you find out what the teacher exactly wants. Sometimes random books end up on the list that aren’t mandatory.
  • Do NOT get your books at the bookstore. While it seems cheap, you will waste so much more time waiting in line to buy them..the bookstore on the first week of classes is a nightmare. Use sites like Chegg, which ship your books to you.
  • Leave early for your classes. Parking sucks…end of story.
  • Get enough sleep and eat regular meals. You don’t want to start the semester off on the wrong foot and create bad habits.

And for when you feel like you just can’t deal, shake it off..

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