Your Major = Your Personality?

We’ve all heard the story…”Pick the major that seems right for you”. That choice may have just gotten easier. According to new research, college students are more likely to choose their major based off their personality traits. Sounds perfect, right?

Here are some pieces of advice for those trying to decide:

  • Start with your basic courses. The best thing is to get your credits completed that you would need to get your Associate’s degree. These courses are not major-related and everyone needs to take them.
  • Choose a major based on your interests. Bottom line: if you hate math, you probably shouldn’t major in it. With a liberal arts degree, you usually only need two semesters of math credit.
  • Do your Homework. Research what the graduation and job retention rates are for your particular field of study.The Department of Education publishes the study results.
  • Internships are extremely important as insight. If you thought for years you wanted to work for a newspaper and hated every minute of your internship there, that’s a good indication you should choose something else for a career. Volunteering is almost the same is interning and is also a good indicator.
  • The majority of graduates do not work in their major field. According to the Washington Post, only 27% of graduates worked in their field of study. Bonus: if you move to the big city, you have a better chance of finding a job.
  • Do what you love. It sound so cliche, but the single best advice you should always remember is to do what you love. When it comes down to loving or hating your job, you be the one to decide.

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