5 Essential Apps for College Students

College, as a new experience for so many people, can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately most universities have tons of resources to help students (think libraries, writing centers, and tutoring centers). Today’s college students are also extremely lucky to have an unlimited amount of technological resources to help stay on track or to help with homework problems.

Some of the best resources for college students include:

  • Rescue Time– helps students to stay productive and avoid losing time to sites like Facebook and Netflix
  • Google Drive & Dropbox- allows for file sharing and editing for the inevitable group projects and for teachers who prefer digital submissions of work
  • Chegg– not only is Chegg a super easy site to rent textbooks from, it now has additions such as study help and internship matches
  • EasyBib– quickly produces those tricky citations you will need for a works cited page
  • Studious– keeps track of your exams and assignment schedule and sends reminders to keep you from forgetting important deadlines

There are always more apps and websites that will be helpful to students, according to lifehack.org. Students should definitely take full advantage of these apps to remain at peak performance for their college classes.

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