Why Mentoring is Important to College Students

Relationships made in college are some of the greatest ones you will have for the rest of your life. Perhaps the most important one is the relationship you make with your professors and others who will mentor you throughout your college career. Studies show that a good mentor is critical to success in college and beyond. Many schools have mentoring programs in place to help students. Mentors are helpful to students because:

  • They create lasting friendships. If an older student is a mentor, there is a good chance they will remain a friend to you for a long time.
  • Its mutually beneficial. Both parties can benefit from the sharing of ideas and advice.
  • It creates academic success. Those involved in mentoring programs have better grades, lower drop-out rates, and are more involved in their college lives, according to the Daily Bulletin.

In addition, choosing a professor as a mentor is an excellent idea because it helps students stay above in their classes, prep for grad school, and be aware of important opportunities. It also helps students understand the dynamic that is present in work-place relationships, according to USA Today. What other reasons do students need to know that a mentor relationship is an excellent idea?

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