5 Tips to Land that Internship

College students know how important it is to secure an internship that pertains to their particular field of study. But today’s students are finding it even harder to secure internships, as so many places require prior experiences before even thinking of applying. Isn’t the point of an unpaid internship to gain experience??

To land that precious internship, students really need to put themselves out there for their future employers. The best advice for those applying includes:

  • Check your resume. Ensure that your resume is properly prepared and free from spelling & grammar errors. These resume tips will also help you get started.
  • Look for postings regularly, and try to apply early. Many online postings are constantly updated for year -round internship opportunities. Using sites like Chegg’s Internship Finder sends reminders and helps you get a leg up on the competition.
  • Don’t sell yourself short. So many people don’t apply for positions because they think they are unqualified. Always apply, no matter whether its a job at a big tech company or a small local radio station, You never know who will call you.
  • Be prepared for the interview. It goes without saying that you should be professionally dressed and on time when arriving for an interview. You should also consider your responses to questions you might be asking during the interview and also questions you can ask the interviewer themselves. Always ensure that you are painting the best picture of yourself as a potential hire.
  • Network, network, network. Its all about the people you know when it comes to applying. Keep good connections with people in high places and check if your school has a career or job fair so that you can meet potential employers. Using social networks for places is also a helpful tool to reach out.

In addition to these tips, Investopedia and Internships.com have more helpful hints. Be your best advocate and know that the road to success does include bumps in which you may not always get what you want. Turn your frustrations into happiness.

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