6 Important Tips for Living with Roommates

In college, most students have the option to either live on campus in the dorms or off campus in an apartment. While it isn’t always clear which method is more cost effective, some students like the convenience of walking to class instead of having to find a parking space. But there is one constant in both situations: roommates. Whether you live with friends or strangers, sharing space with others is not always the easiest thing in the world. Keep this advice in mind when living with someone else:

  • Communication is key. From the beginning, you must be honest with each other about your preferences and habits. If you don’t immediately address a problem, it will fester until it becomes an even worse situation. College Life has some extra advice on communicating with roommates.
  • Be respectful. Don’t touch or take your roommates’s stuff without asking, and always make sure you lock doors and prevent theft. Also let your roommate know if you are having people over so they won’t be surprised if people are in your living space.
  • Create a chore chart. It will help you keep track of who does what and will rotate so that one person isn’t stuck with the same task. Buzzfeed has some chart ideas.
  • Check in with each other. Sit down together once a month or so to ensure things are working out fine and to bring up issues, etc.
  • Identify the type of roommate you haveOnce you do that, it will be easier to figure out a solution.
  • Realize that you will miss living with your roommatesWhether its your best friends or strangers who you become close with, you will be sad when it ends.

Enjoy your time living with your roommates even if they annoy and stress the hell out of you. Besides, television shows have infinite numbers of roommates so you can always relate to something.

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