Reflections on My Time in College

As I near the end of my time spent in college, I find myself wondering whether there is anything I had missed out on. Listening to friends’s stories of being blackout drunk or other insane things they had done made me think “Am I really missing out on that?”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think college is ultimately what you choose to make it. It’s not all about the crazy things you do outside of the classroom, because no employer is gonna hire you thanks to your high tolerance for shots at the bar.

Yes I am “that girl”, the one who finds it more important to sit at home or in the library working on that paper. While I’m not knocking my friends for things that they choose to do, I’m just saying I’d prefer not to. I don’t find being “blacked out drunk” very appealing honestly.

When it comes to college, you do what you want. I understand having to work a ton while you’re in school and I know how hard it can be at times. But one semester I worked 30 hours a week while maintaining a full course load and still managed to get straight A’s, so I know its possible if you put your mind to it.

All I’m saying is to make sure you have fun while in school. Go to sporting events (especially football games), go to concerts, join a club, make friends with your classmates. My classmates and I call ourselves “J-School Crew” because we’ve all become so close over the years.

Be happy and know you did the best you could in all your classes and be proud of the things you have accomplished. Rock that stage on your graduation day.

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