The Aftermath of Vacation

Wow, I can’t believe its been so long since I’ve blogged….crazy to think of how much has happened since my last post. But I’m gonna try to break it down really quick. While this year has been difficult for me and my family at times, there is also good that has happened to balance it out. Since my last post (I think), I finished both my spring and summer semester classes with straight A’s as I head into my final two semesters of college, and I cannot believe its coming to an end. In addition, I now have an internship writing for the Odyssey, an online news forum for college students about topics of your choice. At the end of June, my mom’s family met up here in Florida to celebrate the life of my uncle Andrew Keller and to spend some much needed time together despite all the craziness that always happens when we are together. Then in July, my parents, brother and I drove to Niagara Falls, stopping along the way at many amazing places and experiencing things I could never be more grateful for. And now we are back home, settling back into routines and such while preparing for school to start. To add to it all, I’m trying to get back into my healthy eating plan after being a little lax about it on vacation.

Instead of Advocare again, I’m participating in a program called Team BeachBody 21 Day Fix, recommended to me by my friend and personal BeachBody coach, Ashley Deegan. I had no hesitation about doing the program because I knew how important it is to learn portion control (again) through their container system and reintegrate myself into working out after realizing how out of shape I actually am. To add to it, I knew Ashley would be the perfect coach because she would be there for support and motivation along every step of the way.

Today was my first day on the program, and it was quite challenging to watch my eating again after a few weeks off. A hallmark of the program is that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit, and I’m sure it takes even less time than that to pick up the bad habit. Following the exercise video was even harder but I finished it. I know that day 1 is the hardest day for sure, and I know it will be a great thing for me once I finish. I’m sharing my journey again because like before it motivates me to continue and succeed, and I hope to be helpful to someone else who feels the same.

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